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Fedora 20 (running on Vmware) packstack installation, errors and questions

Hello guys, As the title suggests i am trying to install packstack (openstack-icehouse or juno) on fedora 20 (running on VMWare). The main goal of my project is to create a network with external access where I will be setting up some compute nodes , a load balancer and some alarms in order to create a scaling environment.

The main question I have is whether installing packstack can provide me with these services. I assume that I will be needing neutron, ceilometer, heat and the default services (compute etc.) . Can neutron be set up on a this rig or needs additional nodes as the openstack neutron documentation suggests? Since my fedora VM has a bridged connection with the network, therefore i am assuming that there shouldn't be any implications regarding the virtual environment. Am I on the right track here?

I am new to openstack and my knowledge of fedora is limited. I have also tried Trystack but the ceilometer access is not provided. Thanks!