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Nova Cells: Question about Networking and Storage

Hi, I am just wrapping my head around the concept of cells. Here two questions I cannot figure out:

Networking: From a couple of Youtube videos and slidedecks on Slideshare I noticed, that every child cell runs its own instance of Neutron. So I end up running kind of the same Nova service but multiple independent Neutron setups. So when I request a new instance from the parent cells nova-api service, I am going to pass it the ID of the network to attach to. But as nova schedules the instance to any cell it controls, how does it work? Is the network created in every child cell with the same ID? But as far as I know Neutron is not aware of any cells. The other option I am seeing is to run a single instance of neutron and share it accross cells.

Storage: Pretty much the same question as before but this time to be answered for volumes.

Any help is appreciated :)