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traffic mirroring through qvo

I want to mirror traffic between vm via ovs. Openstack created the the qvo,qvb,qbr,tap In the ovs-vsctl show output, i can see only qvo interfaces. So i launched the creation of mirror via qvo as following, but packet got stuck before qbr level. I can see packet reach qvo’s TX, than qvb’s RX but no packet got to qbr! What is the right way to do it?

ovs-vsctl — set Bridge br-int mirrors=@m — –id=@qvo25d9875c-a7 get Port qvo25d9875c-a7 — –id=@qvo1d3862bd-3a get Port qvo1d3862bd-3a — –id=@m create Mirror name=mymirror select-dst-port=@qvo25d9875c-a7 select-src-port=@qvo25d9875c-a7 output-port=@qvo1d3862bd-3a