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Fuel deployment: host unreachable on br-mgmt


I have deployed 3 physical nodes using Fuel in a 1+2 configuration: 1 controller/mongo, 2 compute/storage. The nodes have 2 physical nics: eth0 and eth1. Cluster was deployed with Neutron networking/Open vSwitch

On eth0 it configured 3 networks: br-mgmt (with vlan tag 1199), br-storage (also with vlan tag 1198) and br-fw-admin (Without vlan tag). After deployment the nodes can talk to each other on br-fw-admin ips but not on br-mgmt ips, so after install, compute service on compute node cannot reach rabbitmq (EHOSTUNREACH).

As a note: Eth0 interfaces are connected to a managed switch and are part of a vlan segment (tag 1011). Eth1 interfaces are connected to a public managed switch without vlan tagging.

Question: how should i configure the interfaces so that traffic passes between nodes on br-mgmt and br-storage?