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Redhat subscription support on other vendor openstack distribution

I'm searching information related to the support of Redhat operating system as instance(virtual machine) on other vendor openstack distribution.

I already know that Redhat distributes the software "Redhat Openstack Platform" and offers commercial support for it but I'm searching an alternative to Redhat.

I'm specially interested in Mirantis Openstack distribution that use the operating system centos 6.5 for controller and compute nodes (or vCenter and ESXi in the case of VMware compute nodes). But in general I'm interested to know if there is some opestack distribution supported by RedHat.

I know that Redhat distribute a qcow2 image and it can run without problems in several other openstack distribution but I'm interested in support in the meaning of paying the subscription, register the operating system subscrition and open tickets if occurs some problem.

I have seen also that Redhat offers two type of subscription ( ):

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (2 sockets, 1 physical or 2 virtual nodes)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Virtual Datacenters (2 sockets, unlimited virtual, no physical )

I would know if I can use this second subscription type that is more useful for installation with several openstack instances. I have seen in Redhat site that this license is supported for VMWare, Hyper-V and RHEL KVM Support. Can I use it with VMWare compute nodes or centos KVM compute nodes?

Have you been some experience on this argument?