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how to use keyring?

For obvious reasons, i would prefer not to store the password in the OS_PASSWORD environment variable. From the cli_openrc.html page on

To avoid storing the password in plain text, you can prompt for the OpenStack password interactively. Then, the keyring can store the password and the user can safely retrieve it from their keyring. The encrypted password is stored in the ~/.openstack-keyring.cfg file.

It is not clear to me how to use keyring. I installed it with pip, but as near as i can tell, none of the clients i installed support --os-use-keyring or OS_USE_KEYRING. Aside from that, it seems to me that the document implies that, if i set OS_USE_KEYRING=true and then run a client command that asks for my password, it will store it in .openstack-keyring.cfg after i type it at the prompt. Am i reading this right? If not, how do i use it?