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Does OpenStack support seamless integration?


I have been using an OpenStack cloud that is being set up at my work place and have also used OpenStack4j API to access the cloud programmatically.

My requirement is to integrate OpenStack with an application. What I would want to do is allow access to OpenStack cloud through my application (Web application) i.e., When a user logs in to my app, he can see something like a Dashboard tab (assume). When he/she clicks on Dashboard, the OpenStack Dashboard after-sign-in page should appear (i.e, we are bypassing the Dashboard log in). Here we are validating the user with the same credentials (as my app) to allow access to OpenStack. For this, I will store all OpenStack user credentials in the same database as my app. If the log in succeeds (my app user is also an OpenStack user), the Dashboard page should appear in my app itself. By this, the user doesn't need to authenticate himself twice and also the OpenStack Dashboard loads in my app environment and the user feels like he is accessing the cloud from my app.

I would like to know if it is actually possible. Correct me if am wrong here. Thank you for any help you can provide to implement this concept.