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I cant ping/ssh instance from VM

I have setup a clean Ubuntu 14.04 and openstack icehouse using devstack script. I create 3 instances and accessed their console. But when i tried ping these instances, i got "destination host unreachable" error for one of them. Then, in this instance's console, i used "ifconfig" command and i saw it's inet address is but in openstack dashboard interface it's ip address is Other 2 instances' ip and inet addresses are same and i can ping them but this instance's inet address is different. I want to ask what the reason is and how can i solve this problem ?

And i want to ask a second question. One of my pingable instances had different ip and inet address before, then i softrebooted this instance and i try ifconfig command in it's console, i saw it's inet address is same with ip address. And now i can ping it. i softreboot third instance also but it's not pingable. It's ip and inet address are still different.

I'm sharing some pictures.

My instances in openstack dashboard

My pingable instance named Ankara. (it's ip and inet addresses are same)

My instance Izmir which has different addresses.

Have you any suggestions ? Thanks for your help.