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Create notification listener failed in Horizon.

Hi all,

I'm now trying to create a notification listener in horizon to get the tenant delete notification(I know this sounds wired). But I got this error when I try to start the listener:

No handlers could be found for logger "oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit"

And here is my code snippet:

from oslo.config import cfg
from oslo import messaging as oslo_messaging

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class NotificationEndpoint(object):
    def info(self, ctxt, publisher_id, event_type, payload, metadata):
        LOG.error("@@@event received: %s" % event_type)

    def warn(self, ctxt, publisher_id, event_type, payload, metadata):

OPTS = [
                default=['notifications', ],
                help=_('AMQP topics Keystone sends notifications on')), 

cfg.CONF.register_opts(OPTS, group='identity')

transport = oslo_messaging.get_transport(cfg.CONF)
LOG.error("@@@transport is %s" % transport)

targets = [
endpoints = [

server = oslo_messaging.get_notification_listener(transport, targets,
                                                  endpoints, 'eventlet')
LOG.error("@@@server is %s" % server)


what's reason for this problem? Please give me some advice.

Great appreciation for any input.