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How to determine SSH credentials for a new ISO image?

I am brand new to OpenStack and just installed DevStack on an Ubuntu VM to take it out for a test spin.

I am (ultimately) looking to have OpenStack drive a CoreOS-based cloud for us, internally (we use Docker/containers). So I installed DevStack and ran it (without any errors/problems, woo hoo!) and then logged into Horizon.

I then uploaded a CoreOS ISO as a new Image. I then created a new Instance from this CoreOS ISO. Great success!

I see my instance has an IP of I would now like to SSH into it to check it out. So I read the article on SSHing into instance and I have a few questions:

  • Where do I get this "keypair" file, and what is it? How does it relate to SSH keys?
  • What will my SSH username/password be?