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Connection to neutron failed: ECONNREFUSED 111 Maximum attempts reached

I have an openstack icehouse deployment developed under the three node architecture utilizing the neutron networking schema with the ml2 plugin. All nodes are running Ubuntu 14.04 x64 server. I recently setup a second compute node and I get the error: "Connection to neutron failed: Maximum attempts reached" in my nova-compute.log file when attempting to launch instances. I get no errors in any neutron log files or nova files on the controller. I also do not get this error on the first node. I replicated the configuration of the compute nodes, only changing hostnames and IP addresses. One other difference is that the second node is running the linux 3.17 kernel, while all other nodes are running 3.14. From the second node I can connect to rabbitmq, ping all other nodes with name resolution, authenticate into keystone and view all neutron stats, view that the 2nd node is listed under the neutron agent-list. I am wondering if the difference in kernels may be the cause, or if I am missing something. Thank you for your time.