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asked 2015-01-04 15:37:35 -0500

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Advice on floating IP setup

I have a private cloud setup (Ubuntu, Juno) which runs ~1000 instances. I 'own' a public /25 network (too small for everyone to get a public IP, but enough for our needs).

Currently I have this setup where i have done this:

neutron net-create  --shared --router:external=True ext-net
neutron subnet-create  --name ext-subnet ext-net 10.129.244/22

And on br-ex, I have:

auto br-ex
iface br-ex inet static
    address MY_PUBLIC_IP
    up ip addr add dev br-ex
    up ip route add default via MY_PUBLIC_RTR mtu 1500

E.g. br-ex exists on both the 'ext-net' (private) subnet, and also on the public network.

My users all connect their routers to ext-net, and then allocate their own subnets. This works great for outbound access (NAT to the rescue!).

Now, how would I go about introducing floating IP to this setup? any advice?