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In Folsom, can live migration and server resize exit together on a shared file ssytem?

I have a Folsom installation that supports live migration using the Gluster shared file system. When the "nova resize <server> <flavor>" command is tried, it results in an ERROR state for the instance. The logs show that the command fails when the node with the instance attempts to use ssh to copy the files for the instance to another node. (The actual command is "ssh <node ip=""> mkdir -p <path_to_instance_files>") The problem at this point is that these nodes have not been configured to allow ssh to work using ssh keys. That could be remedied, but the copy seems unnecessary because all of the compute nodes already share the same file system for these files. If the ssh were to have succeeded in making the new directory (the mkdir command doesn't return an error status if the directory exists), would a following copy have just corrupted the files?

The nodes are using QEMU as the hypervisor. I found documentation for configuring XEN, but not QEMU. Are there work-arounds for using resize and live migration together on a shared file system or, at least for Folsom, is it an either/or proposition? Or is resize not supported in a shared file system environment?

The host OS is CentOS 6.4.