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How to retrieve ceilometer statistics for the meter "network.incoming.bytes" for an instance

The ceilometer meter network.incoming.bytes takes a resource id in the format <os-ext-srv-attr:instance_name>-<instanceid>-<instancephysicalportname>

I have the instance ID and can retrieve OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:instance_name using nova API.

Is it possible to fetch the instance physical port name also using any nova API ? I see that it is available in the table instance_info_caches in mysql, but couldnt find any api that retrieves it.

Or is there a better way of retrieving the resource ID to be used here using ceilometer API itself.

Using ceilometer resource list API and checking the resource ids is a overkill in my case as this list is becoming uncontrollably large.

Any help is appreciated.