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How do I enable Multi-Queue virtio in nova.conf?

I am using OpenStack Icehouse with Open vSwitch and neutron flat network. How do I enable multi-queue virtio-net so that when Nova creates and launches a VM instance, the guest XML configuration file is generated with a number of queues set. For example, to have 8 queues for an instance with 8 vcpus: <interface type="bridge"> <mac address="xx:16:3e:96:67:e2"/> <model type="virtio"/> <driver name="vhost" queues="8"/> <source bridge="xxr007eb1b7-89"/> <target dev="tapxx7eb1b7-89"/> </interface>

Can this be set in nova.conf file? If not, please let me know where to modify in openstack (icehouse) to achieve this. Once a VM instance is up, I just need to enable multiqueue support in the guest by running "ethtool -L eth0 combined 8".