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keystones problems installing the proof of concept devstack script

Hi, I'm trying to get the proof of concept verstion to run to have a working environment to relate to when building my own installation. Unfortunately fail to find why I cant even get the dashboard to run. During the install I keep geting this error

ERROR: HTTPConnectionPool(host='', port=8774): Read timed out. (read timeout=600.0) +-----------+----------------------------------+ | Property | Value | +-----------+----------------------------------+ | access | 58836a9840cc456e94dd6a37fa20da4a | | secret | 4367ea2699ff4bdc8aa90c835f4de77e | | tenant_id | 46dcaebcc29545d7a1e73263ad973d78 | | user_id | 3a295395cb564086a16816a8cdebd0e0 | +-----------+----------------------------------+

After showing it about 4 times the installer moves on and finishes stating it was successfull. I can login and use the dashboard but no hypervisors are available. So I restarted hoping that maybe some feature needs to load some kernel modules, reinitialize during a reboot or some deamons started in the wrong order. But now I cannot login at all - both dashboard and apache (horizon) error logs tell me that authentication failed, After starting keystones-all manually I get redirected to a django error page (too many connections). I can't tell if the hypervisor is now managed by the dashboard. Perhaps an autostart deamon was missed out for keystones? No matching service was created. I've tried it on centos6 and debian wheezy so far. Both inside a KVM guest with vmx flag exposed (kvm_intel and kvm kernel modules are loaded).

Bottom line is that the devstack install failed to correcly setup keystones, hook the hypervisor up or I'm doing something wrong. I've been googling the possible cause for the last few days but no success so far.