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Help adding windows image

I'll start off by saying that I'm new. Not just to OpenStack, but also somewhat new to Linux. However, I've been working in IT/IS for the past 13 years so I'm no slouch when it comes to understanding tech, general concepts, and how to follow instructions.

I've been trying to RTFM, but feel like I'm banging my head against a wall and it's starting to hurt. Seriously. I think it might actually be a tumor.

The question I have is this: How do you add/create an Image/Flavor for Windows 2k8r2 in Openstack?

I've tried this on the Controller:

When Executing the sudo kvm... command I receive:
inet_listen_opts: bind(ipv4,,5900): Address already in use
inet_listen_opts: FAILED

I've tried (again, on the controller):
and that hasn't worked. (Copying over the QCOW2 file again is taking forever and I want to post this)

I've tried several other different guides that use NOVA or Keystone with varying results. Usually with Keystone I'll try and get a tenant id and after entering os-username, os-password, and os-authurl I'll get a "404 not found" from my Controller.

Configuration: I used the alamo-v2.0.0.iso to install both the Controller & Compute node (1 each). I've not made any kind of changes other than this attempt at adding a windows image.

The Management & VM networks are both configured to use the same network (

Um... Let me know if you need anything else and I'll be happy to provide information.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I'll do my best not to be dumb, but I can't promise anything.