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VM sends DHCPREQUEST through bridge that has no correct member interface


I learned in general FlatDHCP model and compute node administration manual. But then I get console-log of instance I see that dhcprequests fail.

Then I noticed that instance is listening through bridge and tried to troubleshoot

dhclient -v br100

brctl show

It was clear that my eth1 flat and public interface - that are recommended to be equal in juno installation guide - are not the member of bridge, If I tried to add manually interface to bridge - it says busy. It is clear that dhcp does not work. Anybody faced this situation? Any blog to read?

I do not have to configure bridge - br100 - in /etc/network/interfaces , Debian. Because in Juno system add br100 automatically then I start legacy nova services,

But in older releases and Ubuntu people configure br100 in "interfaces". Does it make sense to make bridge configured in interfaces in Juno?