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What is default timezone of Ceilometer ?

I have installed & configured JUNO on CentOS7 servers. Timezone of all servers is Asia/Kolkata. A;sp timezone in Dashboard setting is the same. Now When I tried to get the usage of an instance using Ceilometer, I get below output:

ceilometer sample-list --meter cpu|grep 0d833fdd-6709-4903-9300-aa895715fd95 | 0d833fdd-6709-4903-9300-aa895715fd95 | cpu | cumulative | 8600000000.0 | ns | 2014-12-02T09:08:49 | | 0d833fdd-6709-4903-9300-aa895715fd95 | cpu | cumulative | 5860000000.0 | ns | 2014-12-02T08:58:50 |

Actully I have launched the instance at 14:20 then why it is showing 08:58 ? Is there any settings to change Timezone of Ceilometer?

Regards Neelesh Gurjar