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Can't create instance, no valid host was found, nova-compute is not running

I installed openstack via devstack, branch juno on my Ubuntu 12.04(not VM).

When I was trying to launch an instance, I received the error message "No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available".

After googling a while, I found that someone has encountered exactly the same problem in this thread.

Although the thread did not come with a final solution, it mentions that the missing of nova-compute could result in such a problem. And running the command "nova-manage service list" shows that nova-compute is indeed missing.

So I was trying to enable the nova-compute by the command "nova-manage service enable --host=xxx --service=nova-compute". However, I ended with an error message "error: Could not find binary nova-compute on host xxx."

Now, I am stuck here. Could anyone shed some light on this? Thanks