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What is the correct network type for direct passthrough of pci devices?

I am trying to passthrough a PCI device (ethernet card) by direct mode to the vm. I tried the steps given in:

To summarize: added the pci_whitelist and pci_alias to the nova.conf created a dummy internal network (flat) with a port containing mac address of the pci device. Edited a flavor to add the pci_passthrough_alias metadata key. started a vm instance with the corresponding flavor.

I am not looking for SRIOV yet, its just a simple passthrough.

I tried the above in both icehouse and juno. The PCI stats is populated correctly, but the instance boot fails with error: vif_type:binding failed and hence no valid host found.

Some of the questions I have: 1.What is the correct network type for pci pasthrough of devices? 2. Is openvswitch plugin really needed for this type of configuration?

Any pointers on this will be really helpful.