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add a compute node in juno

So, I finally got a working install in juno on a single node, time to add a compute node, but the RDO instructions aren't working.

node-1 - Installed with packstack --allinone
em2= (Private network on a separate hub)
OS Public/floating net=
OS Private net=

em2= (Private network on a separate hub)

The documents didn't specify _where_ to run the answerfile, so I actually installed packstack on node-2 manually, copied the answer file over, made the edits and then ran packstack --answer-file=file, which did nothing. I finally realized that they meant (I think) to run it from the initial node and have it do the install on the new node. So I did that, but it never attempts to install anything on the new node. Changes I made to my answerfile:


I don't get it, am i misunderstanding the instructions? They're not complicated, but they also don't work. This thing just keeps apply the puppet scripts to the original node.