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migration issue-vm stick in resize-migrating


I have a set up with three compute nodes and i am trying to migrate a vm from one to the other. The whole process gets stuck in the resize step. In detail: nova list result: ID | Name | Status | Task State | Power State | Networks | +--------------------------------------+-------+--------+------------------+-------------+--------------------+ | ed7fb028-01f7-40bb-b5ab-0a65795b65be | test4 | RESIZE | resize_migrating | Running | public=

I see no error in the logs either in the scheduler or in the nova. In particular the message in the n-sch is: DEBUG nova.scheduler.filter_scheduler [req-10509121-84bc-4131-9e9d-bdc057a7d196 admin admin] Weighed [Weighed Host [host:, weight: 1.0], WeighedHost [host:, weigh t: 0.989286685778]] from (pid=14977) _schedule /opt/stack/nova/nova/scheduler/ Any idea how to sloves this?