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how do you output the virtual machine to the screen or is it just commandline?

awkward way to ask a question in one line.. so, i'll explain.

i'm setting up openstacks to see how to use it before it goes live to my public server. first things first... i need two computers. my computer and my boyfriend's computer. it seems like a cool idea to make an openstacks cluster and run them as VMware OSs. right? i can allocate resources to our VMwares as needed. but.. the physical hardware.. the 6 computers hooked up to it.. all have HDMI outputs and USB outputs. if i put all of this in a server rack, could i allocate those hardware outputs/inputs to the vmwares? like.. my computer use the HDMI output of one of the computers in the cluster to my monitor and a random USB port on one to my keyboard and mouse and another HDMI and USB to his? that would be a pretty cool setup... and very organized in our small apartment. a server in the closet with wireless HDMI transmitters and wireless mouse and keyboards.

my problem is that we want our very small place to look as streamline as possible while having our computers and my website's server, radio station, minecraft server, etc running. openstacks seems to be the best choice for something like that. BUT, does it allocate video output?.. or will i have to buy us our own computers and use something like SSH and VNC to view the OSs? that would almost make it not worth the trouble.