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extending Nova


I want to do a develop a basic functionality which can basically talk between 2 different openstack Clouds.

Scenario:- A user logs in cloud A and try to create a VM. The cloud A checks the resources and finds that it does not have enough resources. In this case the Cloud A sends a request to another Cloud B for resources. Cloud B caters the request and creates the VM and sends the details for login to USER. BOTH CLOUDS ARE BASED ON OPENSTACK

Solution what I Think User logs in Cloud A and then NOVA of CLOUD A sends the request to CLOUD B to create the VM's.

Can anyone suggest is it a good solution or there is some other solution? If the above solution is good enough than i have below questions:-

a) How can i understand the functionality of NOVA. b) Where should I start to understand the NOVA at coding level. c) Can I just test the NOVA functionality without setting up the whole cloud thing i.e. on my laptop and store the request in some file to check whether what ever code i have made is working fine. d) Which nova component is the best one to take this task.

Looking forward for your response.