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How to bring up second network node

We followed the OpenStack High Availability Guide. For all stateless services we use HAproxy. The only services that need special attention are Neutron DHCP agent, Neutron L3 agent, Neutron metadata agent for which we are trying to use an active/passive failover. Unfortunately, this does not work at all with the following observations. Hopefully you guys have some insight to explain them.

Our Setup

We use Icehouse with two controllers also running the network node software stack with OVS. The primary network node is called control01 and the secondary control02. All nodes use Ubuntu 14.04 and ovs-vsctl shows a mesh connecting all network and compute nodes.

Our Observations

1. Stopping Neutron Agents does not work

If we try to stop the Neutron agents on control01, the dnsmasq process remain as well as all dhcp and router namespaces. We check this using ip nets.

After stopping the agents, the network connectivity of running VMs is still okay.

2. Starting Neutron Agents on secondary does not work

If we try to start the Neutron agents on control02, only the dhcp namespaces are created in contrast to control01. Since the configuration of both nodes is identical, we cannot understand, why this happens.

I'm grateful for any insight.