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wrong information in the API doc ( Identity v3 )

Roles section mentions following APIs :

PUT /v3/domains/​{domain_id}​/users/​{user_id}​/roles/​{role_id}​ Grant role to domain user

HEAD /v3/domains/​{domain_id}​/users/​{user_id}​/roles/​{role_id}​ Check role for domain user

DELETE /v3/domains/​{domain_id}​/users/​{user_id}​/roles/​{role_id}​ Revoke role from domain user

In my opinion these should be under Domains section because :

1) main url is /v3/domains 2) groups functionality with roles is under Domains : /v3/domains/​{domain_id}​/groups/​{group_id}​/roles/​{role_id}​ ( PUT,HEAD,DELETE - same thing as users, does not make any sense why one functionality is under Roles and the other under Domains)