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I have no access to the instance web

I have my Stackops installed on a virtual machine with Virtual Box, I made a single node installation and now I can upload images, instantiate, make snapshot, etc., etc.. Everything works fine but I have a problem. I instantiated an image of Centos in which I installed a PBX with Elastix, to this instance I have assigned an IP address of the network to which I can access via ssh and I can perfectly ping, but I can not open it from my pc on the website management Elastix instance, try to access from my browser to the url and the page loads I ever. I guess it is a network problem or permits in the dashboard of Stackops in the default security group have given access to all ports tcp for instance. My network configuration is as follows: my pc ip: ip virtual machine Stackops: Centos instance ip: and From my pc I can ping the IP and connect to the instance via ssh without problem, but I can not open the main web server that I have installed in this instance. Can someone help me with this issue?

Thanks and regards.