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[neutron] "ext-net" appears in "Available networks" but is unusable


I have an (almost) working setup of icehouse using neutron with ml2 and openvswitch (vlan config). The working workflow to create an VM with network access is the following : use a tenant-net that has a router that is both switched to tenant-net and ext-net, and then assign it a floating IP (which comes from ext-net).

The workflow that doesn't work is : create a VM directly on ext-net, which is available in the "Launch instance" > "Networking" > "Available Networks". This VM then gets a floating IP which is pingable but no access is possible.

I've read that it is not recommended to launch VMs directly on ext-net, which seems ok, but why does this option appear in the dashboard (that my users will be using) ? Is this configurable ? Should I file a bug/feature request ?