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Openstack autonomic behaviour

Hi everybody! I already posted a similar question here.
But I felt like the question was not understood.
So, here it is, a new and better-explained question:

The context is:
OpenStack is a IaaS and everyone can launch instances and deploy applications on them.
Let's suppose we have 3 users and 3 apps on 3 VMs:
* user1 -> vm1 -> app1
* user2 -> vm2 -> app2
* user3 -> vm3 -> app3

Any of these users can setup an orchestration template on Heat and set alarms (thanks to Ceilometer) to perform automatic decisions in the context of the application and his/her VMs.

If all what I said is right, the question is:
Is there something like Heat in the underneath layer?
And so, is there something which orchestrates OpenStack itself and not the applications of end-users?

I mean, if I launch OpensStack on some servers, maybe I could be interested in setting some policies when something crucial happens.
For instance: when the number of VMs on this compute node is too high, let's switch to another compute node... Ans so on.

I hope that the question is clearer.
Thank you in advance.