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We're trying to build a flat network and we wonder if we're using the wrong terminology in our searches

We're trying to build what we think ought to be called a "flat network", but we're not having much luck and one of the hypothesis that has been put forth is that what we want to do is actually called something else.

Our openstack has 4 physical computers: 1 storage machine, 2 compute machines, and 1 machine that is the controller, identity server, neutron, and everything else. We want network packets from the compute machines to go directly to the default gateway, which also serves as a switch for traffic within the openstack. We're finding lots of documentation on all the wonderful things you can do if you put neutron in front of the compute machines, but that's not what we want because that would be a bottleneck and we have upstream machines that protect the openstack from The Evil on the Internet. What would we call such a network? Can somebody please point us to more information on how to set up something like this?

I promise that if we figure out something, then I will write something on how to do it in sufficient detail that somebody else can replicate it.

Thank you.

Jeff Silverman