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external network configuration on icehouse ver.

Hello! I'm trying to install openstack on single host node using devstack. So, I configured public network and private network then made subnet for each network. And attached the router to interconnect both subnet.

my host environment like below OS: Ubuntu 14.04 Kernel version: 3.13.0-32-generic Devstack git branch: Master branch

  • br-ex has network interface (eth0) which is connected to public network.

neutron net-create public --shared --router:external=True

neutron subnet-create --name public-subnet --gateway PUBLIC_GW_IP --allocation-pool start=IP_OF_FIRST,end=IP_OF_LAST public PUBLIC_IP_RANGE --dns_nameservers list=true

neutron net-create private

neutron subnet-create --name private private --dns_nameservers list=true

neutron router-create public-router

neutron router-gateway-set public-router public

neutron router-interface-add public-router private

Currently, I can reach to (private subnet gateway) and public interface (which is attached on public-subnet, it has public ip-address.) But, I could not connect VM to External network (for instance host-ip-address (public)).

Can you give me any comment?? Thanks!!