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Container is not started with heat


I'm trying to deploy Docker container using Heat plugin in Icehouse Openstack. The Heat stack launch is completed successfully and in the docker.log file I can see the following:

2014/07/21 12:59:39 POST /v1.9/containers/create
[2bcfd418] +job create()
[2bcfd418] -job create() = OK (0)
2014/07/21 12:59:40 POST /v1.9/containers/d7ad884141523f09861368f99c3e8b70abf3c5a283fc628adde4b28e4c80a9af/start
[2bcfd418] +job start(d7ad884141523f09861368f99c3e8b70abf3c5a283fc628adde4b28e4c80a9af)
[2bcfd418] +job allocate_interface(d7ad884141523f09861368f99c3e8b70abf3c5a283fc628adde4b28e4c80a9af)
[2bcfd418] -job allocate_interface(d7ad884141523f09861368f99c3e8b70abf3c5a283fc628adde4b28e4c80a9af) = OK (0)
[2bcfd418] -job start(d7ad884141523f09861368f99c3e8b70abf3c5a283fc628adde4b28e4c80a9af) = OK (0)
2014/07/21 12:59:42 GET /v1.9/containers/d7ad884141523f09861368f99c3e8b70abf3c5a283fc628adde4b28e4c80a9af/json
[2bcfd418] +job container_inspect(d7ad884141523f09861368f99c3e8b70abf3c5a283fc628adde4b28e4c80a9af)
[2bcfd418] -job container_inspect(d7ad884141523f09861368f99c3e8b70abf3c5a283fc628adde4b28e4c80a9af) = OK (0)
[2bcfd418] +job release_interface(d7ad884141523f09861368f99c3e8b70abf3c5a283fc628adde4b28e4c80a9af)
[2bcfd418] -job release_interface(d7ad884141523f09861368f99c3e8b70abf3c5a283fc628adde4b28e4c80a9af) = OK (0)

So, everything looks fine, but the container is not running. For: "docker ps -a" I get:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS                          PORTS               NAMES
d7ad88414152        busybox:latest      /bin/sh             51 minutes ago      Exited (0) 51 minutes ago                           elegant_ardinghelli

Note that the container was created and exited at the same time. I've tried to start it with: "docker start <id>" , but it's not working either.

I can create a container with "docker run ..." and then start it with no problem. I guess there is some kind of problem with docker remote API.

Please advise. Regards, Andrey