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How can I come up with a VM with 2 nics automatically configured by dhcp?

Hello devs,

I have an openstack cloud deployment with 1 controller node, 1 hybrid network/compute node with neutron-* services (l3, dhcp-agent, neutron-plugin-openvswitch-agent) and 2 more compute nodes with neutron-ovs-plugin and dhcp-agent in each of them.

I have configured three different networks in neutron: - Public - Private1 - Private2

I have been working with VMs in one of the private ones and everything have been working properly for a long time, but now I am trying to create VMs attached to the two Private networks at the same time with 2 nics. I can create them and no-errors occur but, when I open the console I discover that there is only one NIC configured by dhcp. The other one is created but is not "up-and-running" and the IP is not configured.

Furthermore, I detected that the VM only sends DHCP-Discover msgs of one of the Nics and I dont know why.

I am using Openstack Havanna distribution and the VMs are created with a Cirros-Image.

I would very appreciate if anyone could have any idea of which could be the problem.

Thanks you, Arturo Mayoral.