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Swift Error - unable to retrieve container list created yesterday but able to create new containers and upload them with objects

Hi Experts,

Everything was working fine until I found this issue.

I have created few containers yesterday and also uploaded few objects into each of them. Today I tried accessing the container from dashboard and received "Unable to retrieve container list" error message. Though I can still create new container and upload new objects. I can retrieve the container list for newly created container.

I can still see the names of the yesterday created container displaying in the dashboard but when I click the container name to retrieve its list then I have the error message pop out.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on all the servers and have the following infrastructure layout: Controller: storage proxy node: storage node: Network node: compute node:

Please suggest how can I access the objects in these containers or how can I delete them along with their objects forcefully? Why this has happened?