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Deleted image, cannot boot VM


I just need to move instance's /var/lib/nova/instances directory to another storage, so I have done it with this way: Shutdown the VM, mount the new volume to /var/lib/nova/instances directory and copy the VM files to here from old storage. The problem is there were deleted images of some of the instances, so they gave me "image not found" error on nova-compute logs. I investigated the issue and found out that _base directory includes old images of VM. I wonder why do the instances needs these files? Secondly, If there are lots of deleted images, how can I evacuate the server to the another host? It will give same error on new host. Lastly, I found that "Members" who are given permission to see specific project cannot see the image name in the instances list in dashboard. It is written "(not found)". When I check the same instances with admin rights, the image name written there. I checked the glance commands and I can list the deleted image ID with "deleted" tag.

My openstack environment is based on Ubuntu 12.04/havana.