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Can solum be used to spin up Tomcat and associated web App with configurations

Can/How do I use Solum to spin up an instance in open stack as well as some software such as Tomcat and a WebAPP that needs to be configurable. Does puppet need to be involved in this?

Basically what I'm trying to do is spin up a new virtual instance with a bare bones image (such as CENTOS Latest) and then I want to add some software and configurations and get the app up and running. (Such as JAVA, Tomcat, and then drop a war file into the WEBAPPS directory...along with a few configuration). I believe I could use the OPENSTACK API's to create the instance and then kick off a puppet script but I'd like to be able to do it all integrated.

Solum looks very promising but new. Can Solum do this? What components are involved as part of Solum? Would I use heat? Is puppet involved?....or is this part of heat?