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Unable to run VNC due to consoleauth failing

I did a new installation of icehouse using the community puppet modules. I can spawn all the instaces perfectly but I can't get the VNC to work.

The auth token that I get from "nova get-vnc-console" command is invalid.

In the /var/log/nova/consoleauth.log logs, I see,

2014-06-20 14:57:32.191 16413 AUDIT nova.consoleauth.manager
75163482f69e4f08b6b6b979dd119d38 36a2a12555fd43a393b2be77411a87c7]
Received Token: 75f20d26
-c900-47a2-9a05-6f8c7e9f581a, {'instance_uuid':
u'd5294870-eb75-4233-8118-1c376d03a10b', 'internal_access_path': None,
'last_activity_at': 1403276252.18894, 'console_type': u'novnc',
'host': u'compute-node-ip', 'token':
u'75f20d26-c900-47a2-9a05-6f8c7e9f581a', 'port': u'5900'}
2014-06-20 14:57:32.197 16413 INFO oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_qpid
[-] Connected to AMQP server on controller-1:5672

2014-06-20 14:57:37.879 16413 AUDIT nova.consoleauth.manager
[req-ba54c44b-c536-4155-b4e7-c06a4a46e5e3 None None] Checking Token:
75f20d26-c900-47a2-9a05-6f8c7e9f581a, False

And in the novncproxy logs, I see:

WebSocket server settings:
  - Listen on controller-1:6080
  - Flash security policy server
  - Web server. Web root: /usr/share/novnc
  - No SSL/TLS support (no cert file)
  - proxying from controller-1:6080 to ignore:ignore

  3: Plain non-SSL (ws://) WebSocket connection
  3: Version hybi-13, base64: 'True'
  3: Path: '/websockify'
  3: handler exception: Invalid Token
  4: ignoring socket not ready
  2: ignoring empty handshake

So, it clearly means that novncproxy refuses to serve the connection due to getting a wrong token as verified by consoleauth daemon.

Also, I get this error in "Console" of Google Chrome if that helps.

New state 'failed', was 'ProtocolVersion'. Msg: Failed to connect to
server (code: 1006) util.js:111

(anonymous function)rfb.js:250

Can anyone help with what might be wrong?