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Unable to boot VM


I'm new to OpenStack and i have a problem with booting a VM.

I'm using Debian Wheezy and OpenStack Grizzly and i have used the OpenStack Basic Installation Guide for Ubuntu and Debian to get where i am. All components are installed on one system and this system has got two NIC's. Networking is done by Quantum.

I have already fixed some problems with my installation, but now i am stuck with a problem while booting a VM. After i launch the VM, it starts switching through the following states:

Scheduling Networking Spawning Scheduling [...]

After a few tries (between which the VM seems to get a different ip adress each time) the VM is stuck in the "Scheduling" state and nothing happens anymore.

I have looked through all the log files but i haven't found anything useful so far, but may be i am missing something. Due to the fact that there are many components which are working together, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!