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can not access / ping to Vm from controller or any host

Hi, I have installed icehouse on centos 6.5 and I am having problem with access / ping to VM from any host (controller etc.). There are three nodes on the system (controller, compute and network). I am using neutron for networking.

When Vm was created (also I have already associated floating IP to vm), I could access (via ssh -- like "ssh cirros@floatingIP") / ping to vm (with floating ip) from any host. After a while, I couldn't access to Vm (or ping to floating IP of Vm ). I can just access from dashboard - console . While I couldn't access to vm, I was trying to ping to vm. (e.g --- ping and the result was "From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable etc."

After that, I entered to Vm from dashboard via console. when I tried to ping outside of the internet (e.g google ) or ping to gate way IP of the subnet, which was created before,on the VM, it was able to access from controller or computer via ssh with floating IP.

I have already add "icmp -1 -1 "and " tcp 22 22" rules to default security group.

Do you have any idea about the problem? Did anybody experience such a case before?

Thanks to all.