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I can not access internet on network node, how can I configure networking on network node.

Hi, I am having problems with icehouse on CentOS 6.5. I followed the following documents during installation. I have changed the IPs according to my own system. there are three nodes on the system (controller, compute and network). I am using neutron for networking.

I have two problems.

1) when i configure our nodes' networking just like documentation, network node and compute node can't access internet. I tried to ping a site on the internet on both bodes but it failed. Network configuration settings of my system is;

For controller;

eth0 -->
eth1 --> (external network)

For compute1;

eth0 -->
eth1 -->

For Network;

eth0 -->
eth1 -->
eth2 --> unnumbered

eth0 interfaces in each nodes are used on the management network. These interfaces are connected via switch, also this switch are not connected company network.

eth1 interfaces in conpute1 and network nodes are used on tunnels network. These interfaces are linked back-to-back.

eth2 interface in network node is used for external network. (connect company network)

In my system, all machines ping each other on management network (eth0 interface). Also, eth1 interfaces work fine. But eth2 interface on network node doesn't ping an any site on the internet.

How can I access the internet on network node and compute1 node???

2) The second issue looks like at the first issue. I have just changed eth2 interface on network node. I have gived a static IP ( After this change, network node ping a site on the internet, but compute1 node still doesn't ping. I have skipped this issue and kept going installation. When I have added bridges (br-int and br-ex) on network, network node doesn't ping a site on the internet.