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Resizing Bug

HI, I am trying to resize virtual machine, but there is a problem

2013-07-14 03:00:22.841 ERROR nova.compute.manager [req-92cd22ba-3b7b-4106-8d5f-10586c62b698 ef96991276ce4e3695d29926ae24e491 1092296f11a745d8ac62d5645b1ad28b] [instance: 7f396c20-7cca-499c-82e4-fb4793a5cec7] Unexpected error while running command. Command: mv /var/lib/nova/instances/7f396c20-7cca-499c-82e4-fb4793a5cec7 /var/lib/nova/instances/7f396c20-7cca-499c-82e4-fb4793a5cec7_resize Exit code: 1 Stdout: '' Stderr: "mv: cannot move /var/lib/nova/instances/7f396c20-7cca-499c-82e4-fb4793a5cec7' to/var/lib/nova/instances/7f396c20-7cca-499c-82e4-fb4793a5cec7_resize': No such file or directory\n". Setting instance vm_state to ERROR 2013-07-14 03:00:22.977 4476 INFO nova.compute.manager [-] [instance: 7f396c20-7cca-499c-82e4-fb4793a5cec7] During sync_power_state the instance has a pending task. Skip.

I checked the /var/lib/nova/instances directory and wonder that 7f396c20-7cca-499c-82e4-fb4793a5cec7_resize is there, then why nova informed no such file or directory.?

Would you please help me how to solve this?