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"nova agent-list" returns empty

Hi, I was trying to configuration OpenStack Icehouse Ubuntu distro following instructions in the official installation manual. It contains three nodes: controller, compute1 and network.

When I tried to create an instance, it ran into ERROR state. Relevant logs are attached below:

$ nova console-log 1c65d073-b9fe-4df6-922e-dee8e1f5fc15
ERROR: Instance 1c65d073-b9fe-4df6-922e-dee8e1f5fc15 is not ready (HTTP 409) (Request-ID: req-23631d2b-9578-4b67-bb6c-822d1286c4cb)

2014-05-23 15:15:06.125 1042 WARNING nova.scheduler.driver [req-8f37769b-60e9-48f1-849c-e47055948942 e4602cc5b7f941b8b526cefca2e600b7 53a432f92a174b7bbf7ac21c1e93bc8d] [instance: 1c65d073-b9fe-4df6-922e-dee8e1f5fc15] Setting instance to ERROR state.

What surprises me is that "nova agent-list" command returns an empty list of computation agents. Does it mean that my compute1 node is not connected to controller at all? Because I grep the log folder in compute1 node and there is no log containing the instance ID. So I guess it hasn't received the instance-creation instruction from the controller.

But then how can I debug this situation? Is there any further detailed log about why nova-scheduler put the instance into ERROR state?