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Is openstack right for me?

Hi, I currently administer an assortment of VMs running on Xen on a DL380.

I would like to build in some more resilience and flexibilty so was thinking of adding another DL380 so that I could have my VMs fail over onto the 2nd box if the 1st one fails.

I don't have the luxury of a SAN, so am looking for a solution which utilises whatever disks I fill up the DL380s with. So far I have been reading up on Pacemaker, Corosync and DRBD, which seem to be able to provide what I am looking for, but also came across OpenStack.

It seems to provide A LOT more feature than I need, but I was wondering whether it would enable me to run a pair of DL380s as a "private cloud" and provision VMs across a consolidated storage pool based on those internal disks.

I would then like the solution to be scalable, e.g. add a 3rd DL380 and add some more VMs when I run out of space on the others. So, in that case, I'm looking for a solution that is N+1 resilient, i.e. if one of my DL380s fails all the VMs carry on running on the other two, etc.

And finally, what is the best source of documentation for the initial installation and configuration of an OpenStack solution running on e.g. a pair of DL380s with no shared storage.