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OpenStack creating instance in KVM rather than VMware Vcenter 5.5


About my setup:

I have installed 1 openstack controller and 2 KVM compute nodes and 1 dedicated compute node for managing VMware vcenter server. (vCenter 5.5 manages two ESXi 5.5 hosts). Note: Using Openstack Havana and Ubuntu 12.04.4

am able to create instance in KVM compute nodes using openstack dashboard and the instance are working fine.

i recently integrated VMware vcenter 5.5 to openstack and am able to see VMware vcenter cluster details in openstack dashboard in the hypervisor tab Reference link used for integration:

I also uploaded vmdk images to glance, which is also visible in openstack dashboard images tab


When i deploy an instance using vmdk image from openstack dashboard the instance is getting deployed in KVM compute nodes rather than VMware vCenter cluster.

Please clarify how can i direct openstack dashboard to deploy the vmdk instance in VMware vcenter cluster?

Do i need to check any configuration settings in openstack components and VMware vcenter?

where do i need to check for any logs regarding this error?

Any help is much appreciated