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unable to attach volume to an instance

2 node openstack havana with ubuntu. Cinder volume running on compute & cinder api, schedular running on controller.

Iv attached 10TB volume from netapp to the compute node using nfs.

i am trying to launch redhat instance with iso image of rhel6.5. flavor m1.small

volume gets attached when i launch instance using command line root@heos-ctrls:~# nova boot --flavor 2 --image 367d962b-6cb5-44d0-b014-9f01a8603dfd --key-name mykey --nic net-id=bfdd989c-bf99-4996-8699-6a3bd01ad618 --block-device-mapping /dev/vdc=7ba9159c-ca8c-4de2-b43a-f5eebaae05b5 vm1

here instance gets created & volume is detected during iso boot and i can go ahead and install rhel on this volume without any issues.

but from horizon volume doesnt get attached. it says attaching & goes off and volume stays in unattached state. bcoz of this when i boot the instance i get error no disk found during disk partitioning.