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nova compute won't restart using vcdriver after vcenter rebuild

I had a compute node pionted to a vCenter server with a 3-node host cluster and for various reasons, I had to rebuild me vcenter server and re-add my ESXi hosts. Now however, when I attempt to restart my nova-compute node using the vcdriver, with the IP settings updated, it won't start, giving me an error in the logs:

TRACE nova.openstack.common.threadgroup NotFound: The resource domain-c33(RG01-01) does not exist

However, in the new vCenter I have re-created that exact cluster name (RG01-01). Is there something in the bowels of OS in the database or something that is choking because "domain-c33" is dynamically generated based on something from the previous incarnation of vCenter? Any way to fix that or do I have to rip-out this nova-compute node an rebuild?