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Is it possible to use keystone both v2 and v3 api for grizzly?

Hi All, Recently I tried to use V3 version of keystone API. To do this I modified endpoints to V3, and auth url for all components also set to keystone V3. But soon I realized that most probably V3 keystone is not supported at least by nova-client (see Then I tried to set novaclient auth url to V2 API and understood that it is useless since in reality endpoints returned by keystone are used instead. Then I tried to find out if it is possible to have two subsets for keystone endpoints - one to be returned when returned by V3 api and another when returned by V2 API and got stuck.

So my question is how can I use both version of the keystone API simultaneously (considering I can't use V3 for all components because of other clients do not support keystone V3 API)?