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Unable to access a VM console from remote machine

Hello all,

New to openstack I've set myself a goal of getting

a) An all-in-one installation up and running on my desktop and .. b) VM console access to the all-in-one system from a remote machine.

Step a) completed and all running as expected. However, step b) only partly successful. I can login remotely over the net to my all-in-one machine and access all fuctionality barr the VM console. I noticed my first mistake as the browser of the remote machine said it was unable to connect to Fare enough, not a valid IP, so I set myself up a domain name and edited /etc/nova/nova.conf and changed novncproxy_base_url from .. to This time the remote PC browser attempted to connect to the correct machine but fellover with "Unable to connect" (all port forwarding checked and working OK).

Mealwhile back on the desktop all-in-one installation I tried to view a VM console, but here too I am now getting "Unable to connect". After trial and error it seems that if nova.conf has the IP rather than a FQDN all works OK (but I need a FQDN for the remote system to use).

I'd appreciate any pointers to what it is I'm doing wrong / not understanding. Below is a line from the horizon.log which shows reference to even after removing reference to IP's. Do I need to hand edit something in the Db?

2014-04-20 15:55:48,729 2147 DEBUG openstack_dashboard.api.nova novaclient connection created using token "0011c673902b9ce2979f438ac75afb73" and url ""

O/S Centos 6.5 Havana 7 (Installed 3 days ago)

Thanks for your time.