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How do you setup a subnet with DHCP, but without name-servers ?

When creating a subnet, you can optionally specify a list of name-servers that the DHCP agent will send to the instance. If you leave it blank, DHCP agent will send _its own_ address as the name-server. Is there a way to prevent this behavior ? That is, do not send any "domain-name-servers" option at all.

neutron net-create public ..
neutron subnet-create public .. --dns-nameservers list=true
neutron net-create private ..
neutron subnet-create private --no-gateway       # subnet without dns-nameservers

Example instance connected to two networks:

  • eth0 on public net - received, via "domain-name-servers" option
  • eth1 on private net - received as the name-server. This is an IP of a controller running DHCP

Depending on the default OS settings, your /etc/resolv.conf may end up like:

search openstacklocal

I would like the nameservers to be controlled by one network and use the DHCP on the other network for assigning an IP and mask only.